Mitigation Services Make Great Home Businesses

Mitigation services are fast becoming a great work at home business model for many around the country.

There are many types of mitigation services, some of which involve loans and lawsuits, those are not the services we will be discussing as home business opportunities. The services we are highlighting have to do with the true definitions of the word mitigation ” to make less severe, less painful and less costly” after catastrophic damage to one’s home or business.

That is where the opportunities are bountiful and rewarding as a start up or franchise work from home business.

Consider these important industry facts concerning just a few types of home or business loss services.

  • Water damage is the number one homeowner insurance claim.
  • One third of all insurance claims are mold or water damage related.
  • Water damage and mold damage cost insurers $5 billion nationally on an annual basis.
  • Changes to water chemistry contribute to accelerated corrosion and failure of copper pipes.
  • A 1/8-inch crack in a pipe can release up to 250 gallons of water a day.
  • Property damage resulting from water damage due to plumbing failures and freezing pipes is the third most common cause of homeowner loss.

That is just a sample of the industry statics that equal a lot hurt, pain, damage, and cost that require immediate mitigation to avoid becoming worse.

What Drives All The Damage?

Think about the simple fact that the insurance policy market pays out around US$ 200 billion each year to recover storm damage consisting of roof, home siding, home window in order to rain gutter harm, a number that normally rises yearly. And also it is an exterior insurance restoration firm that commonly does the job.

As the number of solid tornados including rain, higher winds and hailstorm is on the rise. In 2010, the U.S. was struck by additional all-natural catastrophes compared to ever before, with 247 snowstorms, thunderstorms and floods that cost the country 10s of billions of dollars in damages.

Insurance policy business in 2010 paid out more than US$ 9 billion for electrical storm harm alone, highlighting a 500 % rise in typical yearly electrical storm loss since 1980.

Basing the info on the CBS Morning Information, in the three-day duration of April 24-27, 2011 there have been more than 1,000 intense weather forecast across the country. 2011 has actually verified to be a historical year for tornadoes and tornado damage to property. 90 % of all damages will be repaired at the expense of the insurance policy market!

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